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I can't recommend TWF membership enough.  

Thank you Devon, I have my life back and time to spend with my own children.  I can focus on learning and becoming a better educator without worrying about making my own resources!"

Raewyn Tuffery TWF Member

Digital Activities For the Digital Era

With many classrooms going digital either through the use of Chromebooks or students devices, you might be interested in my Digital Scavenger Hunts or Digital Interactive Notebooks.

Hands-On Lab Station Activities

Have your students complete 7 different tasks at stations around the room. Each station is unique and requires the students to demonstrate their understanding in different ways.

The Best Deal For Science Resources

Get immediate and unlimited access to ALL of my teaching resources for less than you'd normally pay for two!

I can't recommend TWF membership enough.  I am a new educator and I have found the resources at TWF to be of excellent quality and cover numerous areas of the curriculum.  My students have especially enjoyed the lab station activities.   

Devon is very approachable and helpful if you should need to contact him.  For the small amount I pay per month it is worth every cent and more. 

Thank you Devon, I have my life back and time to spend with my own children.  I can focus on learning and becoming a better educator without worrying about making my own resources!"

Raewyn Tuffery

TWF Member

I was actually not sure if I wanted to subscribe or not, but then I did the math as to how much I was spending on TpT every week to get new resources for my science classes. For the price of the subscription, the variety of resources I get is saving me a ton of money! Every week there's something that I can use in my room."

Andrea Curtis

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Never has a teaching site been so useful. Totally inspired. Saving me hours (my children thank you).

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A Little About Me

Dream Job – The expected answer would be a teacher but I’d love to spend my time traveling with my family. Think ‘The Bucket List Family’.

My First Car – A White, 2000 Toyota Corolla.

Hidden Tallent – I’m actually a pretty good golfer. I started playing when I was young and can consistently shoot under 85. It won’t get me on the PGA Tour, but it’s something.

The Most Unusual Thing In My Office – I have a Yoda status that I bring out when my students write their tests. I tell them that he will bring them knowledge. This seems to help with their nerves.

My Favorite Sports Team – I’m a hardcore Toronto Maple Leafs fan!

My Guilty Pleasure – I love McFlurry’s from McDonald’s.

My Pet – I have a Scottish-terrier/poodle mix dog named Lexie. She’s a cutie.

What’s on My Bucket List? I want to travel the world with my wife when we’re a little older. Live somewhere for a month then go somewhere else. Europe is on the list as are parts of Asia. I also want to take my family and their future families on a vacation each year. Disney tops the list of destinations.

Teaching Experience

Throughout my teaching career, I have taught many students from many different backgrounds. I’ve taught Canadians, Americans, and Australians and what I’ve found is that each one of these kids needs to a) feel like they are important and what they say matters and b) what they are learning is applicable to the real world. I have done multiple Action Research projects which looked at technology in the classroom, the learning styles of boys vs. girls and how to improve engagement through a different approach to teaching.

My Teaching Style

I believe in an education based on applicability and engagement. I get my students involved in the learning process and this always brings them back for more. My assessments and instruction are based on current student interests and this drives their engagement in the material and desire to learn. Teaching needs to be about relating information but it’s how you relate that information that matters. Throughout my education, I have studied the means that best fit the different learning styles and genders and have tailored my lessons accordingly.

My Resources:

I understand what interests them and how to get them excited in the material. My lessons are technology driven but can also be used in a non-technology setting.

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