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Get access to 1000+ resources and 100+ video lessons for ONE low monthly price. Now with DAILY teaching plans.

"I have been a member since last year, my 1st year teaching chemistry and physics. You, my dear, saved my tooshie! I am forever grateful for the time and effort you put into your website. I will continue to be a grateful member!!!"

Michelle Boucher - TWF Member

I can't recommend TWF membership enough.  

Thank you Devon, I have my life back and time to spend with my own children.  I can focus on learning and becoming a better educator without worrying about making my own resources!"

Raewyn Tuffery - TWF Member

I love your material. I am using it for my physics, physical science, and anatomy. It has made my life so much easier!

Brooke H. Davis

I loved the service and thought it was worth every penny. The peace of mind of knowing even when things got weird at school I always had great materials a click away. Rob Liebman

Rob Liebman - TWF Member

  • You spend hours every week preparing for your classes and hours more marking at home.
  • You've been given a new course (or two) to teach and you're feeling overwhelmed.
  • You want to keep up with the current educational trends but don't have the time. 
  • You've been teaching for a while and want to try something new.
  • You want to try to incorporate more technology into your lessons.

"Never has a teaching site been so useful. Totally inspired. Saving me hours (my children thank you)." - Juli - TWF Store Member

"The membership allowed me to find useful and reliable resources quickly. The membership also meant I did not have to worry about paying for each resource I used." 

"Great content. It really helped reinforce the standards." 

"I love my Teaching with Fergy membership!  My students love the 5E model and I appreciate the time saved. It's well worth the membership price."  Nancy Sullivan

"I absolutely loved the resources provided! This allowed me to focus on the needs of the students instead of being buried in designing online notebooks and labs. Thank you so much!" Traci - TWF Store Member 

"Resources were really organised and ready to go. Saved me time and also provided ready lessons for casual teachers or new staff."  - TWF Store Member 

If it does, then you already know what an all-consuming career teaching can be. Often it leaves us little time for the things that really matter.



TWF Membership

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Daily Teaching Plans


$30 and up

Some really great and useful resources that I could just grab and go. They were time savers for me as a teacher. 

I appreciated that the TWF membership covered a broad spectrum of science. In the past I've come across similar offerings that focus primarily on just one discipline. The stations encouraged me to organize "labs" in a much different format. Thanks. 

Patty Lovett TWF Member

Introducing the TSWF Membership Program

My unrestricted membership doesn’t provide resources. It provides piece-of-mind and time.

Piece-of-mind because out of the 1000+ resources I have available, you know you’ll find what you need, when you need it, for as long as you teach.

You'll also get exclusive access to my Flipped Video Lessons and Daily Teaching Plans which are only available through my membership program.

Daily Teaching Plans

Time because instead of spending your time making resources for your class, you can spend it with your family, friends, relaxing, or doing whatever else you’d rather be doing. 

What does my membership include?

  • For only $19.47 per month, you’ll have instant access to over 1000 resources. Absolutely NO restrictions. Cancel anytime and keep the resources you’ve downloaded.
  • For a monthly price, you get FULL access to every resource I’ve ever produced for as long as you’re a member.
  • Exclusive access to my Flipped Video Lessons where each lesson is presented slide-by-slide as I do in my own classroom. You'll also get access to my Daily Teaching Plans.
  • Using your login and password, you will gain access to pages that will systematically guide you to any resource you like based on subject area and resource type.
  • Piece-of-mind because out of the 1000+ resources I have available, you know you’ll find what you need, when you need it, for as long as you teach.

"This site is a great resource for teachers who are needing help finding new ideas for our ever changing classroom! You can tell an experienced teacher has designed and carried out these lessons, so they're teacher/student friendly!

Tricia Brightwell TWF Member

"I liked the variety of ideas it gave me!"

Susan Clearwater TWF Member

As a teacher and a father, I understand how important it is spend time with the people that matter most. I'd much rather play with my boys than create a lesson for my classroom. How about you?

What if the membership isn't for me?

I understand that not everything is for everyone. If you want to cancel, there's not hoops to jump through. No awkward email exchanges. Simply go to your Account tab, click Subscriptions, click Cancel. That's it! 

What MY Customers Are Saying

I love the resources that Devon provides through his membership! The resources are so useful in my classes; they are full of quality materials and questions and follow the curriculum. They are the types of activities I was creating for my class but it was taking my whole weekend to complete." 

With Devon’s help, am able to keep my classes engaged and interested at all levels and still spend time with my family. I really like the reading comprehension and speed quizzes activities. They are great for supply notes or as extra credit assignments to help prepare for tests. Thanks Devon!”

How does my membership work?

Once you sign up you get immediate access to my membership area. The Membership area is divided into easy-to-navigate sections so you can find the resource you’re looking for quickly.

It will save you time and provide you with a career’s worth of resources. Also, keep in mind that I’m continually adding to my list of available resources.

“I was actually not sure if I wanted to subscribe or not, but then I did the math as to how much as I was spending on TPT every week to get new resources for my science classes. For the price of the subscription, the variety of resources I get is saving me a ton of money! Every week there’s something that I can use in my room.”

Meet Jane

“This is such a great buy! Each week there are lots of great, quality science resources available for download. Devon is always quick to respond and resolve any questions or problems you have. Thanks for creating the program!” 

"Resources were really organized and ready to go. Saved me time and also provided ready lessons for casual teachers or new staff."


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